Friday, July 27, 2007

Law school, inter alia.

And I am in law school. Have been, for seventeen days now. And I am neither yet emotionally broken or missing a leg...this place certainly has some bad press. I was told by a friend, for example, that law school is one long instance of 'Here comes the pain'. The academic load is horrible and the professors are poorly disguised cannibals. If that is true, I just haven't seen much of either yet, I guess.
But since when has the 'law-school experience' been exclusively about academics? Seniors, professors, homesickness..pick one and screw up the equation, right? Well lets not go there right now; seniors are, apart from being rather avid blogwatchers, like chocolate; you cannot generalise. (Not that I've ever needed any excuse to make sweeping generalisations, but I still like my life too much to do so on this forum.)And the professors have been fairly toothless so far (hairless also, if you consider one in question, and mannerless, if another, and English-less, if a third; but they all deserve a separate post someday, so I'll keep them off this one.).

Law school, inter alia, I'd said. That, however, was just a lame attempt to make believe that I have a life outside this place...but considering that this place is ten kilometres out of Jodhpur, Jodhpur itself being not quite the epitome of hepness (camels, hot sun, turban-uncles, hot sun, ghoonghat-aunties, hot sun, National Handloom, hot sun, Sheesha, hot sun, 15AD, hot sun, finish. Hot sun. And did I mention, hot sun?), I don't really have too much opportunity to paint the town red. I'd die of heatstroke quarter way through.

Ah, who am I fooling....NLU could be Tokyo and I'd still not have a life. (*Silence while the selfpity builds up*)

The campus here is pretty, though...ah...fairly treeless, and the buildings are goodlooking. What is really nice, though, is the profusion of puddle-hopping mynahs and luridly green, insolent parakeets, and darling little velvet-button-like ladybugs and scores of loud jungle-babblers, and the occasional hummingbird, and the profusion of geckos and chameleons. Oh, and lest I forget, Cutlet, Dopey and Coffee, the much-loved and very spoilt campus strays.One thing I hate is that the pigeon population is as huge as it is...I hate pigeons, they're so flamboyantly dumb! This apart from having no point in life but to make nasty constipated sounds, shit a lot and have lots of babies. Yes, Prateek, I have noted that they are possibly the only birds that can do a graceful job of shitting upside-down on the ceiling. So why am I not in madly in love with pigeons yet? Garn.
Anyway. Even in the midst of nice food, nice friends and nice immediate seniors (no sarcasm, dead serious.), this place can be scary sometimes. Especially if you've been in southern CBSE schools so long that you've forgotten what non-science oriented intelligence looks like. Law school is full of smart people, some extraordinarily smart, and the rest so articulate and disarming that you don't much care even if you know they don't even pretend to be even vaguely gifted up there. Ah, I'm beginning to get a complex that I can feel even through the extraordinarily, almost grossly fat buffer zone that my ego is...

All this, and the moots haven't even begun.

Like Shasthri says: Divya, Divya; what have you done, Divya?!