Sunday, April 4, 2010

Metathinking and Other Indulgences.

I haven't been writing because I thought I had nothing to say. This is not true. It turns out that I had - have - things to say, but nothing that I thought was fit to post here.

And why not? I OWN this blog, after all. But the problem with being slightly paranoid about the nature of the information one wishes to make public, is that it results in the construction of a blog with a distinct personality; my blog has gone from being a benign white template accepting of posts of EVERY description with loving, open arms, to a snarky, judge-y Cruella de Blog. Everytime I would approach her with a nebulous idea for a post, she would raise one skinny eyebrow.

Awww, shawty be intellectual and shit, y'all. Ain't that cute.

And while 'intellectual' is a word that will never be associated with me, it is true that I am in a little bit of a think-ey mood these days (hold the derisive laughter). Right now I don't want to be flippant, I want to be earnest, and really, who likes earnest? Flippant is snark and cigarettes, earnest is chest pants.

I'm not doing a lot these days except thinking about thinking; specifically about the way I think, the assumptions I rely on and the validity of those assumptions. The idea is to treat nothing as sacred... once you put your life deliberately on shaky ground, interesting results emerge. I'm still playing with the idea of starting a separate blog that will be for these things alone. To be honest it probably won't materialise, but it's worth a thought.

There are very few songs I know all the words to, and they are all either by the Killers or The Who. What does this say about me?

I'm reading the Bhagavad Gita, if an English translation alongside a mishmash of commentaries is 'reading'. I was simultaneously slightly icked out and intimidated by it. A few days down, the ick is gone. It's early days yet, but I'm beginning to understand why some people read this book every day of their lives.

I've hit that phase again where this blog, this template, this text, this font, they've all begun feeling constrictive. It's time for a change I think, so suggestions for a new blog-host are solicited.

Kindly do not suggest Wordpress, however. Wordpress makes me want to stab nuns. I cannot code to save my life and something very fundamental in me is deeply annoyed that I can't upload templates of my choice. Livejournal is a little..odd..and typepad is... middle aged? Shit, the politics of bloghosting.

Where do I go from here?