Sunday, August 26, 2007

Fecundity spectrum.

Four startling instances of news of fecundity in one day.
To N: Congratulations, if you are reading this - though knowing the extent of your Net-ineptness, I'd bet my ass you're not - I heard you are expecting. I know A and Ishita must be very happy...

This to P; I heard you are expecting too...though, now, 'expecting' seems rather inappropriate. If I were you, I'd ask 'expecting what?', and what a pertinent question that would be. What, then, are you expecting? More importantly, what do you expect to do about it? M tells me you want to keep this baby; and what happens to college, then?To being eighteen, footloose and fancy free?
You must be either inordinately brave or inexpressibly reckless or superbly sentimentally stupid (Even in wonder, I alliterate. God save me.) . Or all, actually. All, yes.
Why did you do this? You were supposed to be the golden girl. You were held up to all of us; 'be like her', they said. Study, but be modest. Be pretty, but bashful. Be good, be quiet, be soft. And you were. You were good and quiet and soft. And now you are pregnant.
But then, as you would say... shit happens.
All the best.

Now, S. You're pregnant too, I heard today. How does it feel, to be forty four and pregnant with a son already in college? In case you were wondering, by the way, Akash is ecstatic. You won't be getting any flak from his side...or, for that matter, from mine. Rock it, woman. I hope it is a girl this time...this world cannot take one more Akash.

Last of all; K told me today, the pigeons outside her balcony are nesting.
Superb, God, thank you.
That's all we need.
More pigeons.