Sunday, December 28, 2008

Indifferent and happy on facebook.

okay see.

This is my winter break. Considering I spend all my free time, and considerable chunks of my working time asleep, it is not such a very crazy idea to grasp that my legs/arms/fingers/etc have not sen more exercise than absolOOtely necessary, this vacation. I have spent as MUCH of my time as humanly possible, parked firmly between bedsheet and blanket. I have only bestirred my happily prostrate self to eat, drink, crap and stalk people on facebook. Facebook is most of the time, it's fairly passive, uniformly annoying self, not interrupting my voyeuristic joys except to log me out mysteriously or ask me What Kind of Boyfriend Will I Have?

BUT. But.

I am an observant person. I have, through my keen observational skills, noticed the presence of evil on this site. Evil in the form of persons whose lives revolve around getting other people to change their display pictures of the national flag. Or plain black. Or plain white. Or.. strangely, Red Bull (?!).

Now you know me. I have the same fairly spaz pic up on facebook that I have always had. I log in. I stalk harmlessly. I find out what Jaane Tu character I am most like, the type of boyfriend i am going to attract, what kind of car I am, what kind of gun I am, and what That 70s Show character I am like. I log out. (Sometimes I also not log out, but I fail to see the relevance of such in the point I am trying to make.)

I do not form Groups to End Social Evil. I do not Protest Evil Globalisation. And I certainly do not send my friends amusingly breathless messages commanding them to turn ur display photoz black to protest d mumbai teror attcks!!!!!! turn ur dispix white to pray 4 worldd peaceee!!!

I am not NOT cooperating because the connection between my changing my dispic and muslim terrorists dropping dead is non sequitor. I am not NOT cooperating because facebook is a social networking site, and there is nothing more annoying than a social networking site that begins to put on airs.

I am not cooperating because I simply don't want to cooperate.

And that, I think, is as good a reason as any.

Ta, ye faithful. Happy New Year; I wish you all sobriety at midnight.


Smeagolosaurus said...

Sobriety at midnight?I wish Darth Vader buys all the coke and chips in the world and stocks it up at the Death-Star canteen... Ha..sobriety at midnight she wishes us...vile,vile,vile.

Mudra said...

Heheh... I blogged about this some time back - it's VERY pissing off. People really believe that making Facebook groups will save the world?

indiegurl said...

@smeagolothingie - firstly, i am not a coke person. i am a pepsi person.
secondly, what makes you think i cannot live without either. presumptuous.
thirdly, yep. i may have 'wished' everyone sobriety at midnight, but you know me. less wish, more command. :)

@mudra - i know! i fail to understand what they are going to do with the 100000 people they are all determined to collect for their own 'antiterrorist' groups except yammer pointlessly some MORE about it.

Suki said...

@your comment on my space(didn't publish it, don't worry). Hugs. Sorry it made you feel sad. Last night was just.. umm.. particularly crappy. He'll be back tomorrow morning so YAY!

Have a very happy new year too :)

Suki said...

Umm... forgot to add, feel free to use the email addy in my profile if you want to write something that's not exactly a "comment" :).

Oh, and I couldn't manage listening to the Evanescence song even though I posted it. WAY too depressing to handle unless I'm feeling like death myself .. which hasn't happened in the past couple of years, heh.

indiegurl said...

@suki - willdo. :) and yeah, the evanescence really DID take the cake.