Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Dude the Obscure.

The urge to cut and run just when things have cautiously indicated that they are going to go well, is an urge that is tiringly familiar. It's annoying, but it's there. Like a puppy that insists on following you everywhere and humps your leg when you stop moving.

I'm not an animal lover. Kittens frighten me. Puppies, of course, hump my leg.


I've spent most of my life being invisible, being a part of the walls; beginning to blog was the decision to walk out of them and put myself 'out there' in some limited and (limitedly) controlled manner, to make a change. But this has become less about the posting and more about the reactions. It has become less new, less sexy, less fun. I'm bored.

I'm going back into happy obscurity.

Until I'm back - if you've any good taste, you'll miss me. ;) For everyone else, there's always the one-fingered salute.

Love y'all. Some more than others. Most, not really.



Hakuna Matata said...

Hmm. Mood Swing. Et tu?

Curlyconman said...

*Nahiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiin* (Old hindi film ishtyle)

Well, you don't have to force yourself or else The Rant will lose its essence.And that won't be a good thing, you know.

But really, I'd hope hope this is all an april fool joke(even if i'm in the not really category of readers ;))

And do make a star comeback soon if the date of your post is merely a coincidence. :-)

Divya said...

Wat drama and all? Ill send one of them horny strays we have here to your room ok :P

I like the concept of "one fingered salute" btw :D

another brick in the wall said...

crap.. just when i thought i was gonna get cuter by the comment.. i learn this shit.. highly unfair for me i say!

btw.. dog hump is acceptable... you turn on puppies!! now that's something! :P

RukmaniRam said...

would this break make it "two long rants" then?

Mudra said...

Oh come ON. You can't do that!

Sneha said...

just when i found!
you must come back.