Tuesday, September 21, 2010

I'll Sing It One Last Time For You

When I started blogging, almost exactly four years back, blogging was already a 'thing', but I may as well have been Amish for all I knew about it. My first blog host was so tiny, it imploded in on itself a few months after I left it, and is now a cobweb on the ceiling of the Internet. I shifted to blogspot and began to record the whiny saga of my life for the benefit of those who did not have the privilege of ring-side seats in real life.

Staying in one place too long makes me fidgety; I've felt the urge to cut and run many times, but in the end, seduced by the sheer span, depth and vintage of the inside jokes and memories on this blog, I've made the decision to stay 'just a little longer', choosing to quell my boredom for the moment with template changes and spandy new blogrolls.

My mother is fond of conferring the title of 'lambi race ka ghoda' on people who gain her approval. I'd be hard put to think of a more depressing fate for myself. As horses go, I'd class myself as more a Mollie than a Boxer, and this ghodi's in the mood to defect.

(Displaying an unexpected sense of humour here, Microsoft Word corrected 'defect' to 'defecate'. Nice try, Word, but not really.)

Long story short, this blog's finished. It's been four years of a good run. I always wrote for an audience, but it never really stopped surprising me that people actually wanted to read me, so thank you, all. The Daily Mail tells me the Internet = creeps with no life (there's a point in there somewhere - 4chan, anyone? (I'm kidding, 4chan, don't kill me!)) , but at least we're creeps who can spell well. That has to count for something, right?





soin said...

what the fuck? you being a drama queen right? ilati write some where else but be nice and give us the link. but if you dagalti we will hunt you down. thats a official threat. un side weaku ma.free

The Soul of Alec Smart said...

Dude! No!! Stay on.. please :)

Punvati said...

Not surprised. But if you delete this it's "katti".

"... seduced by the sheer span, depth and vintage of the inside jokes and memories on this blog *and death threats from friends*..."




Roy said...


Karthik Sivaramakrishnan said...

I came here late but what I saw of your blog was really nice. So much so that I even rustled the archives for treasures. Nonetheless there weren't enough recent posts to get me attached. So I will simply say good luck. But I will also say (:p): You have a talent for writing and may be it'll materialise in a more serious form in the future. If not, it doesn't really matter too much that you had the talent to begin with, so its alright. I don't quite agree with some of the things you've said here. Especially the suggestion about internet being for creeps with no life. Rather, I find internet is an excellent way for people with interests to find like-minded people. For instance, a good book review blog will attract readers of those particular kinds of books and book reviews, thus affording like-minded company more easily than the average book reader might ever hope to find by scouring his or her milieu for the same. I have found excellent blogs on economics, policy, and science, allowing me to interact (virtually) with some fascinating people, including professors in institutions I may never be able to enter!(:D) Nevertheless, the choice is yours.


(that's half of one = haffun = have fun :|)

snickersnee said...

I think I was one of the longest lurkers on your blog.

I do hope you're just being a drama queen :)

Really like your writing...I'd look forward to each update of yours with great anticipation.

Maybe you'll write again, so I'm delurking to tell you to let me know when you do :)

Jil Jil Ramamani said...

You and Soin are officially under Daags of India category for depriving us of your respective blogs. Thu.

Spaz Kumari said...
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Spaz Kumari said...

@soin - before you put scene here, give me invite to YOUR blog. ok? ok.

@the soul of alec smart - i'm sure i'm not going to quit blogging, i'm just bored of this particular blog. When I surface in a different place, I'll link to it here. I think it's early menopause, because I'm really touched you care. :D

@divs - i thought i'd keep the death-threats out, but what the hell.

@roy - feeling quiet, roy.feeling very quiet these days.

@karthik - it may be my fault or the fault of this damn medium, but i was attempting to gently poke fun at people who say the internet it for losers. I certainly don't agree with that. I honestly have more of a life online than I do offline, and I have no problems with that at all. :)

@snickersnee - let me say it's extremely disconcerting that someone you know of in real life has been lurking on your blog. But disconcerting in a nice way, if y'get what I mean. I still drop by your blog every so often, idly hoping for a new post. You may want to fix that.

As for this post, I'm sure I'll blog again, just not here. When I surface somewhere else, I'll link to it here. I love writing too much to give it up for all time.

@jil - i think you'll find that soin is definitely the bigger daag here.

The Soul of Alec Smart said...

Of course I care dude. I read your blog over one weekend, and then I read Jil's and then Punvati's and then I read your entire college, and I added most of you to the Reader. Because it was all worth my while over a weekend - a time I reserve for things I want to do/ read/ watch.. it's the kinda thing that comes with being frustrated at your day job.

So yes, you must must link up to the new blog for sure over here.. or I'll haunt all your friends' blogs and try and guess which one's you and land up there anyway.. so you should just spare me the trouble.

And while we're on this chapter of early menopause, I must mention I find this chap soin really fun - even though I don't understand the language he comments in. soin, why do you sign off with 'free'? how do you remember to, every single time? :)

soin said...

ayeah. i blocked my blog to put new template and all that. something something break for some time. will start posting shortly and will open up , as soon as i get a good temp. now talk me.free

kknundy said...

It's been a long time that I've been reading this blog. I understand what you say when you tell that you're done with this blog. Sometimes though, it is not what we feel at the moment that should decide our actions. There are many possible readers of yours out there, who've possibly subscribed to your blog feed. Still others who associate your blog id with an identity. You deny those faithful readers of yours a fighting chance to maintain that semblance of aquaintance. They lose a chance to say they know Spaz Kumari because they know one-long-rant. They get confused as to who you actually are now, one-long-rant, or the new identity which you impose on yourself. The ensuing confusion is not unlike that of waking up to find your friend has suddenly transformed into a completely different person, or has changed his/her name. What do you call your friend then. How does he/she come to your mind? As FR_old or FR_new.

Just my feeling. I myself had shifted and fluttered from one blog to another in another time far away, but that was precisely to delete those erstwhile identities from any present associations. I was basically running away from my past. Do you plan to do the same?