Saturday, September 4, 2010

Love Song with Unimaginative Rhyme Scheme.

Now you've given me a ring, and asked to be hitchin',
May I never have to enter a kitchen,
May we never fight more than a titch ('n'
May my rhyme scheme always be bitchin');

Love- may you never be heartless;
May our pairing forever be partless;
May your digestion always be fartless;
(Note how I am endearingly artless.)

Listen well! My name is Spaz,
Not to be confused with Cameron Diaz;
Indeed, I has far more pizzazz;
(Think I googled for rhyming words? I haz.)

I am the Copa to your Cabana,
I am the tobacco in your Havana,
I am awesomer than your grandma;
(Yes. Lame is an understate-mah.)


This is undoubtedly the lowest point of my blogging career.



michael scott said...

oh spaz, all this razzmatazz
all this jazz, your blog kicks azz
whereas, you dont look like that 70s show's Faiz
your rhyming's still like JayZ and Naz


soin said...

i hereby officially demand a video of you in hip hap dress rapping such glorious sutff. am sure you can find some beats and all that.and you worst?

Roy said...

that was disgusting

The Soul of Alec Smart said...

It's one of the most hilarious things I've read all week. May I please include it in my thesis titled 'My Grudge With Poetry' with your permission?

Every poet's best friend is the freakin' thesaurus.. atleast you're honest about it :D

PS: Not kidding you, the word verification thing asks me to type "unretch"

Spaz Kumari said...

@micheal scott - you trying to steal my thunder?

@soin - i hereby officially refuse :D I replace with something better -

i haven't seen it but friend tells me it's got natalie portman rapping in it.

@roy - without a fuckin doubt.

@the soul of alex mart - consider all permissions granted. To be honest I love poetry though. By other people, i.e. :)

as for 'unretch'...

Punvati said...

Oh dear.

subbulakshmistoned said...

<3 bahut achcha hain!

eunoia said...

no no not disgusting spaz...i quite like it. consider me as your oldest fan and send a signed copy (if u ever end up writing a book)...and do not phorget me once u become rich and famous...

i agree with scott!
both you and your blog rock!

Spaz Kumari said...

@punvati - i trust the oppressive rhyme scheme has not dampened your ardour for me.

@subbu - very nandri hai! and equal amount of aacharyam hai!

@eunoia - if you aren't my oldest fan, you are certainly my most devoted one. Much puzzlement, but many thanks. :)

soin said...

thu. she is only me second celeb crush and you crushed that crush. thousand more crushes on you. also i just imagined kovai sarala in that rap. free

The Solitary Kid said...

Ever considered joining the likes of the Wu-Tang Clan? :)

And this is certainly not the lowest point in your blogging-career.I for one think its hilarious!

Spaz Kumari said...

@soin - you deserve it for making your blog private and not inviting me.

@the solitary kid - i have never heard of the wu-tang clan, but i'm picturing a troupe of asian MC hammers, and i'm rather pleased, thanks. :)

ramsub said...

you made me laugh. I love you.

A.M. Skye said...

Nice wordplay... funny too :-)