Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Fuggoff : A Sonata in B Whine-or ;)

When pigeons flap (and screw and crap)
on my grill and window sill
When the wind beings the desert in
I'm tired of sand, I cannot win:

I say fuggoff.

When my project is a futile dream
I have a directionless team
Deadlines come and deadlines leave
I whine, and then I fail - I grieve:

I say fuggoff.

When September gets in line,
The sun gets bigger and ups the shine
My clothes are limp, my mind is dead,
I sweat, I tan, my feet are lead

I say fuggoff.

And then I sleep.



Mudra said...

LOL. Nice one.

As long as you can fall asleep anytime, there's no need to say fuggoff also, though, is there? :D

indiegurl said...


Sleeping is good, but sleeping in satisfaction is after one says fuggoff to things that should fug off.

Hakuna Matata said...

I love you too much to say fugoff to you. Realise. :P

Btw, poetry what is all around me of late? Kudos, I lubbed thee first line. :D

narendra shenoy said...

Enjoyed hugely! Got you on my reader.


Sij said...

Mozart would've been proud of this Symphony..i can imagine pigeons canoodling and you watching in horror as the September sun blinds you from the fervour of feathery passion.When you have to witness something as surreal as this..i guess you'd wish the sands washed your eyes rather than your lead feet and your room...Whatsay?

indiegurl said...

@hakuna: so much love, i is so touched, allow me to retreat to a quiet corner and cry a little cry. :D

@narendra shenoy: thank you and much obliged :)

@sij: very nice and lyrical and all, but you DO realise that you're talking about fat flappy birds getting jiggy, right? :D

Divya said...

Hehehe yeah 'tis the season to rhyme it seems :P

yep. ur 1st line takes the cake.. funny :P

Sij said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Sij said...

I know we are dealing with "fat flappy birds" getting down and dirty but sometimes the worst atrocities in this world can be taken only with a pinch of Humor and "self-loathing" poetry..Whatsay? :)

ole frosty said...

Are 'wind beings' gasbags ? ...Line 3 ;)

indiegurl said...

@ole frosty:

1. merely my attempt to draw your shy self here and make you comfortable. I hope you're comfortable, my honoured anon guest, you nitpicking b--.

2. Why to hide the light beneath a bushel? Don't be shy ya. I have linked your blog. May the party begin. ;-)

3. wrt (1) - no i am not changing it. As before.

4. wrt (2) - HA! :-D

Smeagolosaurus said...

Very well then. Evidently, you missed a punctuation mark in your comment. I'm sure you meant to ASK "May the party begin?".That construction is,after all, the only logical possibility given the power dynamics here.Now out of respect for all things logical or rendered logical by yours truly, I hereby proclaim that there is party. :P