Friday, October 17, 2008

Hands up, all you reading types.

It's been too long since I read anything in specific; while I acknowledge that the study (or whatever passes for it) of the law (or whatever passes for it :-D )sometimes allows drifting into land that can only be described as 'academic' by the most optimistic, I don't want to drift into it this time. I want to read...non-fiction is ok too, as long as it sounds interesting. I have some ebooks with me, and some ideas on what I want to read; if anyone thinks they have a better idea, would they please raise hand and give me a shout?

Here's what I have with me:

Hunter S. Thompson - Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas

Kurt Vonnegut - Breakfast of Champions (reading already)

Arthur Miller - Death of a Salesman

George Bernard Shaw - Collected Plays

I also want the following:

Neil Gaiman - Neverwhere

Anything by Terry Pratchett and G.K. Chesterton.

If anyone has Neverwhere, or any Pratchett or Chesterton in ebook form or knows where to find it, please leave a comment. I will be yours for life. In the detached, long-distance way. :-D

May I make clear here that I am on a student budget. This means a total of 0.00 in cash of any denomination has been set aside to fund this reading. For the simpler of intellect - I am talking free ebooks here. Yeah I know that probably means piracy. Morality is the luxury of the rich, or something like that* said Goebbels, and my senile grand-uncle. I am aware it does not do much for my argument to rely on a Fascist war criminal and a senile geriatric, but an opinion is an opinion, yesno? I firmly believe in the democracy of bullshit. This is why I don't think idiots should be shot**.

Anyway, I digress. People, please find me books! Of course, if you love me truly you will buy me the book and have it hand-delivered with a hundred orchids wrapped in the finest Central European tissue, by a Hugh Jackman lookalike, preferably announcing his arrival and your eternal devotion to me in a Hugh Jackman accent, but yeah - 

I'm a cynic ya. I know true love is a lie perpetrated by the filthy capitalist pigs in Hollywood offices. I'm only asking for some online suga ;-) Cooperate, no. Please.



*He didn’t say ‘something like that’. I did. It doesn’t matter, the rest is misquoted too anyway. None of you is likely to catch it and I’m too lazy to make the effort. Cheers :-)


**I believe they should be laughed at till death***. More fun.


***I meant that we laugh and they die. You got it, no? No?****


****Yeah I know I should quit the pointless footnotes. Blame the mood and law school…they just make it that much easier :-D


curlyconman said...

Nice blog. :)

Why,don't you have a circulating library-like place near your law school?

Anyway,Here you go.

It's Neil Gaiman,not Nail Gaiman. :P

Read Camus,have you?


curlyconman said...

How about showing some E-Gratitude now? :D

indiegurl said...

@curlyconman: My law school is on the border between Nowhere and outer space.:-)

Thank you for all the links, i will be checking em out very soon.

Nail/Neil typo corrected, thanks, and HERE:

*bows deeply and kisses the ground in front of you repeatedly*

is your E-Gratitude. :D; (contingent, of course, on the links being functional and helpful. :-D)


curlyconman said...


I dont want your e-histrionics as E-Gratitude. :P

Grace my blog with thine refined presence and then,it shall be a fair Quid Pro Quo. :-)

curlyconman said...

You already did. :-)
I'd not noticed.

♪♪HARINI♪♪ said...

hey first time im coming here.. loved ur writing.. was laughing soo much at the student budget :D... and im getting jealous! wanna read something badly too!!

shreya said...

@indigurl.. lame nicname btw..i like i like.. .:P and all ur E grtatitude is reminding me of our math teacher and all those other blessed souls in coll who prefix everything with E.. n btw i have a LOT of Ebooks *smirks again at the pun* if you come and ask me real nicely i mite share it with u.. yes yes for free.. being from the same region i totally get the concept of "budgeting".. lol..