Sunday, March 1, 2009

The Small Print, Only Bigger.

FORMAL NOTE OF ACKNOWLEDGMENT OF BORROWED MATERIAL (garnish liberally with 'respectively'):

To both of you Unknown Persons who own sites good enough to show up within the first two pages of search results for "angry jumping woman" and "anal British butler guy" - observe left hand side and right hand side respectively of (BRILLIANT NEW!) header, respectively - please note that I have borrowed your (?) creations and made me a new slap-up header. Which I love. I am sorry that I have forgotten the links to your webpages. However please note that this would not have happened if your webpages had not been eminently forgettable.

Ooh, I almost forgot:

Please don't sue me.

I love you despite your catastrophic taste in colours (Dear Angry Woman - did an extra large bag of peppermints throw up on your dress? No? Then we have a problem.) And is that not the truest love?

Ok i'm done.


Sneha said...

i have expressed my feelings on subject already, however, i wish to put it on record.
i do not like green dress.
and the angry woman looks like a boy.
but i LOVEEEEEE concept. it is so utterly and delightfully appropriate.

Curlyconman said...

This one sure is much better.

indiegurl said...

@sneha - full agreement, full agreement.

@curlyconman - yes, no? :D :D

Curlyconman said...

Oye,come to my blog and maintain frandly blogger relations. :D

Mudra said...

I love the new header. Brilliant! :D

indiegurl said...

@curlyconman - done. :D please excuse the delay, i am sort of slow.

@mudra - eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee :D :D

Hakuna Matata said...

The anal british butler is so you!!! :D , ok, except ur the jumping woman, and ur not Brit.