Sunday, June 14, 2009

My Friends are Retarded.

No wonder I like them so much. Also, they sometimes buy me lunch. And say the following:

"I hate the idea of male gynaecologists. The very idea that I am showing off everything I have to a man and he is STILL not going to fall madly in love with me, is too depressing. I want a female gynaecologist."

"Divya, talk to me. Don't be silent but violent."

"Same sex couples confuse me. As an engineering student you learn several things... here is a nut...and there is a bolt... and you can't do jack with two nuts or two bolts."

"Divya you have a blog?" (yes) "Am I in it?" (no) "Why the hell not?!"

"Pakistanis are just Indians with bad judgment and hot sisters."

"You study in Jodhpur! Awesome, I love Gujarati food."

"Divya's like Gujarat in peace time. No alcohol and constant yammering."

"Let's get married and have lots of babies. I'll even have some of mine with you."


Good times, good times.

I don't want to go back to college. :(


Divya said...

Your friends are as retarded as you are :P
And come on you get plenty of nutty stuff like this in college too... Only you're the mohterload of the lot! :D
I is bored at home. Want to go back to college. There are things to do in college atleast!

another brick in the wall said...

"I is bored at home. Want to go back to college. There are things to do in college atleast!"

i take that as a personal insult.. i try to keep you entertained.. but you know the busy me, so many responsibilities.. so much burden on my shoulders to carry.. it's difficult to be there 24x7 [:(]

oh.. about indiegurly's post.. funny, smart, intelligent, brilliant as always.. crash.. the writing style is really intimidating

umm.. not to sound too much of an ass.. but the last of the jokes is lifted off the net :P

indiegurl said...

@divi - what bull. i is intellekshual. and if you're so starved for work do some of mine!

@suk - haw! :( (and thanks. if i could blush, i would. :D )

Hakuna Matata said...

Yes dibba, very intellectual.

To quote, ___ has wit and so do you. :P :P :P

As the Mind Meanders said...

Yes you've got the real deal where Friend are concerned... I've got one too... sample this

Friend to Me: Ay bhaire... dikhta nahin hai kya???

And no... he wasn't wisecracking
(if there is such a word)

Anonymous said...

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