Thursday, June 14, 2007


I was thinking about the prep I put in, in April, for the law entrances, while cleaning up the paper rubbish in my room, and I found some absolute gems, written in moments of either absolute exhaustion, boredom, or piss-ion(not a word? so what?).

I must include this as disclaimer: I did not ever take writing short notes myself to be a serious form of prep. In retrospect, stupid decision, but hindsight is always 20/20.
From the point of view of idle humour(here I am saying that I am idle, and expressing the hope that you have a sense of humour), however, they provide, on the whole, an excellent index of how interesting I found the prep.

Here they are:

The Singur issue: Kindly inform me as soon as you find out.

Land acquisition and the Tatas in Bengal: It happened recently. People are fighting, and dying, even! It is a national tragedy in whose remembrance we will doubtless have a holiday , in the near future. Also, the Tatas are rich and Bengali women are hot. Forty words up?

Voluntarism: The spirit of wanting to do accomplish tasks spontaneously and without external force. I am sadly lacking in this, if you go by my mother. Newton's law says it is impossible in any case. Indians, as a whole, interestingly, are sorely lacking in the spirit of voluntarism, which is why, no doubt, Indian law makes a provision for voluntarism.(right?)

Voting for French Presidential elections in Pondicherry:I am fairly sure of the fact that there were elections in Pondicherry. It seems to me to be a prerequisite for democratic functioning. Though now I come to think of it - is Pondy a democracy? Is it part of India, even? Anyway - I have full trust in the people of Pondicherry - they have exquisite taste in bagels - and I'm sure they can elect an able leader. In the light of all this, who really got elected is rather superfluous.

They're all true, I swear.


The mocking spirit said...

I shall continue calling you a "Padips". Ultimate fact being you made it to NLU! YOU DID. YOU DID.

indiegurl said...

Yeah? So did ash. Your conclusion?

Ash said...

alrighttttttttttt! am late ere as ever. so what's the point?