Friday, June 22, 2007

Shoe alert!!

Didn't do much today...dragged myself the nasty language :P) to pick up a 'personal character certificate' from a 'member of faculty' got a teacher to make a formal statement that I am not a criminal.
Got home and decided to go buy Franny and Zooey, from local bookstore. And this is where it know, not so long ago at all I'd pick up a book if I were bored. Now I listen to Clapton. Earlier, anything that came between a bookstore and yours truly, would be summarily ignored. Or trampled. But today...I was walking towards the bookstore when something pink caught my eye. And I couldn't help it, I smartly swivelled ninety degrees and started walking towards it, Franny and Zooey be damned.
Once I got to it, I paid for it. Like in a dream.
Here it is. Watch and slaver, people, watch and slaver. (Though it looks far prettier in actuality I still think; the pics don't do it justice.)

And again.

I have never bought anything either this gaudy or this pink before. I was a black/beige person, really.

You live and you learn.... :D


Mudra said...

Shopping whims and fancies, tell me about them... I wish I was still the young kid who would wilfully ignore all "appearance" items and rush into book stores. Loss of innocence. I blame the 21st century.

Hilarious, as usual, though. :)

indiegurl said...

I still ignore all(most) "appearance" items and rush into bookstores. Kya hai ki I have long been looking for shoes to go with this fuchsia kurta I bought( on ANOTHER whim!!! hehe)...

Sneha said...

pink chappals!!! erm, well.. not my kinda footwear either, but yes, we can sometimes get that urge to simply buy something which catches our fancy :D good good (Y)

Mark IV said...

oh its just the compulsive buying... shoes u d never wear, clothes u don care about... electronics ud throw out the window when the next model comes in... n recently im into furniture (all those lazee-boys n bean bags!)

so its only fair. n if uve been readin all ur life, ur intellect tends to get higher than an average author, n the good ones donmeet the demand... inflation... blame it on economists.. its all chidambaram's fault!

tinuviel said...

yuck yuck yuck!!!! :D

Anamika said...

Lol, I remember the character certificate.. they never even asked us for it, and I had to undergo a long painful goddamn ordeal for it..
as for the shoes, they r pretty rele.. they all start looking pretty when u have nowhere to shop, all the junk u threw in, become prized posssesions..

indiegurl said...

@tinuviel: *Insulted*
@anamika: Wasn't much of an ordeal, went straight to my chem teacher, she loves me!(Erm. In the best sense possible. :P)
As for the shoes..ah forget em...people either love em or hate em.

Scarlett said...

I got a character cert from a prof who had never ever known of my existence. Ever. Bah.

Pretty Pink. Worry not. This kind of thing happens in law school. I myself own 2 pink pairs.

Nivethitha said...

c..WAT did i tell ya abt d color pink..evrey1 jhas 2 giv in2 it sumtime or d odr,in sum way or d odr..n tlking abt pink,read my 1st blog

The mocking spirit said...

You still haven't seen MY stuff... Muahahahaha Stuff to kill for...!

Bah! Who am I kidding... I love your pinkies.. :(