Friday, January 23, 2009

Are you part of a Louving Relationship?

If you are, firstly, hello. Thankyouforvisitingmyblog. Pleasecomeagainsoon.

Secondly, please remove your intolerable self from my line of vision. I don't like you. I am possessed by a barely controllable urge to throw stones at you when I see you. And while it is undeniable that I have the hand-eye coordination of an arm-amputee, I am PERSISTENT. And there are MANY stones.

Are you celebrating your anniversary? Don't tell me. Are you celebrating your monthiversary? I will slowpoison you. (It hurts more apparently.)

Your cuteness repulses me. Your love is retarded.

Do not rub your coupledom in my face. I will rub your face in the ground.



*zen-like happiness*

Kindly speak up, Treasured Visitor, what did you say? You think the blog is just a smidgeon too ranty?

On the one hand I could agree. Alternatively, I could say - Suck it up. It's my party, I'll cry if I want to.

Oh and if you're the guy from Denmark here looking for "sexing like bunnys" again, what do you know, you just might be in luck this time. Love....rabbitlike sex... here in Mandore, Jodhpur, you'll never know the difference. Try once and see! :D


If you're part of a couple I know - pretend you never saw this and I'll pretend I never said it ;)


Mudra said...

So, is your problem with couples or with couples who can't stop gushing over how happy they are?

Also, (this may not be the right place to bring it up, but what the hell) isn't your relationship status somewhere "Committed"? :D In that case, your suffering (while appreciable) is nothing compared to us.

Mudra said...

*compared to ours.

indiegurl said...

yes...well...about that 'committed' status... hmm... how do I put this... it...ah.....

changed .

and i might possibly be experiencing a mild case of sour grapes. A phenomenon known in kindergartens across the world as 'J-ness'. :)

Mudra said...

Oh... Okay, sorry... Delete comments if you'd like to.

And allow an almost-stranger to say that there's always chocolate, coffee, and Hugh Jackman.

And, of course, a better louving relationship.

Mudra said...

PS- The time zone on your blog is badly screwed up. :D

Mudra said...

Also, you realise that I've left 4 (four!) comments on this post, and this is the 5th?! I demand hard cash right now!

indiegurl said...

that's okay ya, i've already spoken to Jackman ;) As for chocolate, not crazy about it, and coffee - i'm a tea person.

But Jackman should do FAHbulously for now. :D


Jean said...

It's always fun to listen to someone rant.
Especially about "Louving Relationships"

Rofl. Nice Post!


Anonymous said...

looks like somebody caught cooties.........

Anonymous said...

Ummm ... new here, much appreciate the rants (vicarious venting?), very happy to find a (fellow) self-declared language Nazi, but then ...

"repulses" you? "Repels", methinks.

indiegurl said...

@jean - :)

@anon1 - apparently.

@anon2 - i'd always believed that the two are interchangeable in most contexts, but (jai) google (baba ki) tells me that you are, for the most part, correct. 'Repels' is more appropriate, apparently. Too lazy to edit post though. :)