Friday, January 2, 2009

For the LAST time.

To you, you miserable engineering student from the college that is possessed of both the size and academic repute of my parents' bathroom; you, who stuck your misshapen nose into the air, and asked me, why are you doing law?, labouring under the delusion that you were being original, witty and interesting, here is your answer.

I am not 'doing' law.

Law is having its violent way with me.


Mudra said...

Wow... What a love-hate relationship. :D

narendra shenoy said...


MagCom said...
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praxist said...

Hear! Hear! :D

indiegurl said...

@mudra - yeah, it's pretty much a fatal attraction ;)

@narendra - wasn't really that LOL when i was thinking it actually :D

@praxist - i smell empathy. Law student, are you?

RukmaniRam said...


(first time on your blog. plisxcuse)