Wednesday, January 28, 2009

I Half-heartedly Crushes! Oooo <3

Jon Stewart on Fox News, which pointedly insisted on covering Bush going home, while all other channels were watching Obama:

"Let it go. If you love an administration, let it go. If it comes back to you.. well, we're all moving to Canada."

I think he may just have won himself a provisional position on my (sadly underpopulated) Sexy Persons List.


A little late, I know. But dah-links, you know I can only find the time to watch American comedy show clips absolutely irrelevant to my syllabus and cumulative grade point (which shall be INSTRUMENTAL in getting me a JOB, and do I want to end up as a HOBO in these HORRIBLE RECESSIONARY TIMES?! Yes, I love you too, thank you ma.) the night before an important assignment.

But a girl needs a little romance in her life, ya know. Even if it is (temporarily) wrinkly, pink and slightly (very) meh. Like a dried prune.

Not to mention one-sided.

(So that would be half a dried prune?)


I'm going to die alone, aren't I.


Hakuna Matata said...

Now why were you watching Fox News by the way?

Nevermind 'dah-link' -- ***Give me a HUG***


Mudra said...

'm going to die alone too.

Come join the club. It's okay if we at least die alone and employed, I guess. Or so I convince myself.

indiegurl said...

@hakuna - clipping, not the whole deal.. and DOOOOOOD!!!!! WTFFFFFF!!! ;)

@mudra - yeah then we can convince people that we planned to be bitter old power-women.. SMART :D

Sneha said...

one sided celebrity crushes are so woooooh *dreamy* i remember the time i was in love with rakeysh om prakash mehra. sigh sigh sigh. and with salman rushdie. i don't know why i like old (note: not just older) celebrity people for crush type purposes :D most fun! sigh.
ok i should stop sighing. now.

Anonymous said...

m dere for you

Hakuna Matata said...

**MUHAHAHAHAHAAA** You now have an anonymous who "LOLs"

'Dah-link' + Gimmeyehuggg + LOLs = Hakuna visits blog yevarydayy for entertainment dose :D

ettanother Muhahahahah.