Friday, May 29, 2009

Fueled by Frustration.

The same circle of faintly pretentious faintly good blogs, the same breakfasts, the same wet, salty, heavy air, the same face in the mirror. (Not same, exactly, though. I believe I see the precursor of a zit on my forehead. Definitely absent yesterday.)

I tried to drive it away with books, so many books, and I ate them all with the desperate sort of grabbing hunger that you see in middle class people for upperclass-hood and therefore for plasticsheet-protected sofas and dustjacket-bound English books that nobody reads. I met people and drank oversweet tepid coffee and warm masala pepsi  and took buses home that surprisingly went nowhere close to home and walked beach promenades and lost a slipper to the Bay of Bengal and made a sand angel halfway to Pondicherry (if you see it, it's the one wearing a tipsy crown) and ate furiously off roadsides, which were all good enough experiences in themselves I guess, but now I'm out of things to do (bad) and out of people to meet (good) and the very sight of books is annoying me, which only annoys me further, and that halfheartedly albino man who was in Johnny Gaddaar is singing incessantly on the bloody TV and my idiot sister is singing with him and one of these days there is going to be a hole in the TV screen the shape of my sister's head.

Jagdish Bhagwati should be compulsory reading at undergrad level at least... the whole concept of a pointwise defence of globalisation is very appealing. There are some issues with what I believe are patches of unwarranted optimism, but it's a very nicely laid out argument overall. Order and method, order and method. 

Which reminds me... how hot is Bips? Really. Phew. (Observe how I say 'Bips' like I've been living next door to her and lending her one cup dahi everyday all my life.)

Also on hot-list was Obama, though his sex appeal quotient fell rapidly from greek-god to snotface-perv when the US tripled aid to Pakistan. What the feckin fish, what? Sorry Obama-man. You're going to have to settle for Michelle. Who is not a bad bargain actually, except that she:

1. Doesn't have my sparkling personality, and
2. Has too many double-toned fluorescent dresses. 

Point two should be sufficient to draw sharp and flattering (to self) contrast to self.

If I have to face one more morning with nothing to look forward to but breakfast, and then nothing to anticipate but lunch, I will murder a cat for the sheer activity of it. I swear I will. 

If you live in a different city, invite me home. Now. 


another brick in the wall said...

bombay? your love is missing you anyway.. she is bloody bored

and if you are complaining about your sis listening to johny gaddar sounds.. you are blessed that you aren't cursed to hearing the sounds on my TV when dad has the remote.. oh.. he must be saying the same thing about me but well... we are like that only

funny post :)

Mudra said...

Come home. :D

And I thought all hostelites CRAVED for life at home. Is the idea of going back to college actually appealing?!

Divya said...

@Mudra- It actually is :D when we're there, we whine to go home. And vice versa. Grass greener.. all that jazz :P

@Dibba- Cup of curd everyday eh... She refuses to buy her own dairy products? :P Ooh and I hate the nickname Bips... Sounds terrible!

Come. Like Brick said, I am bloody bored. And your incessant chatter would help a lot :D

Curlyconman said...

See, you have made many friends in the "same circle of faintly pretentious/faintly good blogs" who are willing to invite you over.So don't crib.
Come to Bombay, we'll play Scrabble, watch movies and stuff.If I lose, I'll buy you one big bar of lindt milk chocolate.Deal?

Halfheartedly Albino Man...HAHAHAHHAHAAHAHA.

Shit! One week and my nice long boring vacations end.And then the final year of college.

Anonymous said...


Hakuna Matata said...

1. I swear, I really swear, I thought you meant the other 'Bips(a)'. And then I was like 'Oh!'.

2. What scene. By sparkling you mean colgate-types 'talk to me' sparkling?

This is why you should watch TR movies on KTV when I send you an SMS to do so. :P

Ok, pack up and come to Bangalore.

Kartik Menon said...

Do I sense a fellow Geminian anguish at having to do the same thing over and over again, or is this just another blog rant wit no real emotion behind it??


indiegurl said...

@divi -
1. i do not incessantly chatter. i find the word 'incessant' to be inaccurately exaggerative and 'chatter' simply undignified, not to mention untrue. i am calm and selfpossessed. Also, bips takes my weightloss tips along with the dairy products. we eat bhutta together every evening. :D

@suk - why, your dad is an iskcon groupie? :)

@mudra - meh, college is not bad, im just too lazy to really love it :D

@curlyconman - final year? im three years away from it. count your blessings. then kiss their feet.

@virus - :D

@sindhu - i did! i watched!

@kartik - no, this is anguish at having to do NOTHING over and over again. Also yes, this is a blog with no real emotion behind it. All emotion is either accidental or carefully faked for mass consumption. :)

another brick in the wall said...

even that i could've tolerated my friend