Sunday, July 12, 2009

Dorks PWn.

...also, how much do you love me? Show me. Buy me a tee shirt. :D

Seriously, though, just because I am a dork with an affection for androgynous clothing does not mean that I too, cannot have a fashion wishlist. The existence of couture thankfully means that the term 'fashion' can be prodded into literally any direction. Exhibit A:

Also, the fact that fashion tends to repeat itself means that sometimes dorks can be credited with prescience. You are absolutely correct, I DID precede Heidi Klum in the boyfriend jeans trend. *smug* The poor man's Micheal Kors, that's me. And now I define this year's trend in tee shirts. Not just any tee shirt, no. Tee shirts wholeheartedly espousing the cause of Dorkdom. Tee shirts celebrating the superiority of Dorkhood. Tee shirts that would gel fabulously with the persona of people with usernames like prince_of_dorkwood. Not that I know anyone with that username, of course not. (J, you can hide inside my cupboard until the scary internets peoples go away. There's a good dork, now.)

In keeping with being on the cutting edge of fashion, I will now present my all time favourite tee shirts. Needless to say, I possess none of them, although websites selling them have invited my lascivious attention for very long. Here they are, in any case. Kindly direct your drool to the comments section -

1. "ARMANI - Just another Sindhi tailor" - What, I ask, is not to love?

2. "FREE TIBET - with purchase of another Tibet of equal or greater value." - Let's see; one small territory fighting heroically for a semblance of independence from a modern behemoth? check. Poignant photos of the Indian youth expressing intellect and solidarity at Janpath? check. Several weighty philosophical, moral and legal issues? check, check and check. Good, ya. Where's the popcorn?

3. "PillowFight Club" - That's right. If it's your first day here, you must fight. And if you don't know who Tyler Durden is, please go back to drooling over The Notebook posters.

Front of t-shirt -

Right side corner (even more awesomeness.) -

And that covers, for me, as of July 13 2009, the Holy Trinity of tee shirts. Subject to change at any time, of course.

In case you are wondering if this is the (lukewarm, you think?) limit of my passion for fashion, I'll have you know that I also do possess a healthy appreciation for Christian Louboutins. However, while my relationship with these t-shirts is convivial, my relationship with Loubous is like yours with God - stand at a distance and WORSHIP, ye undeserving. :D

I leave now, but always remember - I am a Dork, and all your base are belong to us.

Over and out.


Divya said...

Thou art jobless. And sasti to boot.

I love the one that says Viva la evolucion with a pic of an ape on it dressed as che :D

i loue the pillowfight club one :D

Jinxed Pixie said...

you certainly do not have a bad taste in fashion.

your fashion sense perfectly appeals to me. Purr-fectly (oops, sorry, i forgot the fact that you hate animals..) :D

Jinxed Pixie said...

let me rephrase that...

dislike animals... 'es 'es..

indiegurl said...

@divi - sasti? wha? and yups, pillowfight club one is very nice.

@pixie - haha thank you! :D and I wouldn't go so far as to say I dislike animals exactly.. i prefer to say we civilly ignore each other. :)

JD said...

... and in other news, the 'three wolves howling at the moon' t-shirt has not, repeat, has not, made it to indiegurl's all time favourite tee shirts list.

The tee shirt, said to contain powerful lupine pheromones, and adding +10 resistance to energy attacks, and +8 strength, with not one but three wolves (and a moon) on it, was considered to be a sure bet on any fashion list.

narendra shenoy said...

I saw one saying "I'm not a gynecologist but I'll take a look". And one I bought in Sikkim which had five Yaks and "YakYakYakYakYak" written under them, which I promptly bought for the missus

indiegurl said...

@JD - i thought you were kidding! i canNOT believe i didnt know of this! i am stupefied. just...stupefied.

@shenoy saar - i don't know, i tend to believe you yak a little bit more than missus :D